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Founded in 1908, the ANAK Society's purpose is to recognize outstanding members of the Georgia Institute of Technology community for their strong character, leadership ability, and true love for Georgia Tech. The ANAK Society strives to advance the Institute in its mission of progress and service. While the activities of ANAK are secret, we invite you to learn more about our organization by browsing our website.

What is the ANAK Society?

The ANAK Society is the oldest known secret society and honor society at Georgia Tech. While founded in 1908, the organization did not become secretive about its activities until 1961. Membership in the Society is made public upon a student's graduation. ANAK offers several scholarships and recognitions to members of the Georgia Tech community, such as the Semmes Scholarship and the ANAK Award.

What has the ANAK Society done on campus?

ANAK has played an important role on campus at various times during Georgia Tech's history. Past accomplishments include the founding of the Blueprint, Technique, SGA, and assisting in the peaceful integration of Georgia Tech. To learn more about the history of the ANAK Society, please visit our history page.

How do I become a member of the ANAK Society?

There is no application to become a member of ANAK. Exemplary upperclassman are tapped. See our membership page for more info.

How do I get in touch with the ANAK Society?

The best way to contact the ANAK Society is via email. For general inquiries about the ANAK Society or for inquiries regarding the George Wingfield Semmes Memorial Scholarship, you may contact us at