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The ANAK Award is presented annually to a faculty member and a staff member who have demonstrated outstanding service to the Institute and to the student body. This award has been presented annually to a faculty member since 1947, and starting in 2021, the award is also presented to a staff member. The ANAK Award is considered among the highest honors that members of the faculty at Georgia Tech can recieve. This award is unique in that it is the only award given at the Faculty/Staff Honors Luncheon which is decided solely by students.

ANAK Award ANAK Award 2023
The recipients of the ANAK Award are:
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The titles listed for each winner indicate the position held when the ANAK Award was awarded.
Malte Weiland
2023, Senior Sustainability Project Manager, Auxillary Services Operations
Timothy Cope
2023, Professor, Biological Sciences
Joi Alexander
2022, Director, Health Initiatives
Carol Senf
2022, Professor, School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Jennifer Hirsch
2021, Adjunct Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning and Director, Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain
Benjamin Holton
2021, Senior Director, Stamps Health Services
Pamela Pollet
2020, Senior Research Scientist and Associate Director, Specialty Separation Center
Robert Butera
2019, Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Engineering.
Jenna Jordan
2018, Assistant Professor of the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
Mary Lynn Realff
2017, Associate Professor & Associate Chair for Undergrad Programs, School of Materials Science and Engineering
Richard DeMillo
2016, Professor, Charlotte B. and Roger C. Warren Chair of Computing, and Executive Director, Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U)
Carrie Shepler
2015, Senior Academic Professional, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Christine Valle
2014, Director of the Women in Engineering Program and Senior Academic Professional
Deborah Turner
2013, John and Wendi Wells Associate Professor for Teaching Excellence, Scheller College of Business
T. Hugh Crawford
2012, Associate Professor, School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Doug Flamming
2011, Professor, History, Technology and Society
Gregory H. Nobles
2010, Director, Georgia Tech Honors Program; Professor, School of History, Technology and Society
Michael D. Meyer
2009, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mary Peek
2008, Academic Professional, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Reginald DesRoches
2007, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Douglas C. Allen
2006, Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Architecture
Joel Sokol
2005, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Richard Barke
2004, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the Ivan Allen College
Lawrence Kahn
2003, Professor of Civil and Enviromental Engineering
L. Rena Brakebill
2002, Professor of Mathematics
William A. Schaffer
2001, Professor of Economics
Raymond P. Vito
2000, Professor and Associate Chair of Mechanical Engineering
Mahera S. Philobos
1999, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Laurence J. Jacobs
1998, Professor and Associate Chair of Civil Engineering
John E. Endicott
1997, Professor of International Affairs and Director of the Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy
George P. Rodrigue
1996, Regents' Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Helen E. Grenga
1995, Associate Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies
Sarah E. Jackson
1994, Professor of Literature, Communication and Culture
Barbara L. Blackbourn
1993, Professor of Modern Languages
J. Narl Davidson
1992, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering
Robert C. McMath, Jr.
1991, Professor of History, Technology, and Society
David J. McGill
1990, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning
James E. Dull
1989, Vice President of Student Affairs
Henry Bourne, Jr.
1988, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Arthur Beckum, Jr.
1987, Professor of Architecture
Philip Adler, Jr.
1986, Professor of Management
James D. Young
1985, Professor of English
William H. Eberhardt
1984, Regents' Professor of Chemistry
Charles H. Braden
1983, Regents' Professor of Physics
Marvin S. Sledd
1982, Regents' Professor of Mathematics
Samuel C. Barnett
1981, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
John Hyder
1980, Associate Professor of Physical Education
Donnell W. Dutton
1979, Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Paul Weber
1978, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vice President of Planning
Waldemar D. Ziegler
1977, Regents Professor of Chemical Engineering
W. Monroe Spicer
1976, Professor and Director of Chemistry
Sherman F. Dallas
1975, Regents' Professor and Dean of Industrial Management
Richard Fuller
1974, Richard Fuller
Glenn Gilman
1973, Regents' Professor of Industrial Management
Glenn Rainey
1972, Professor of English
Paul G. Mayer
1970, Professor of Civil Engineering
Vernon Crawford
1969, Professor of Physics, Dean of the General College, and Acting President
E. Arthur Trabant
1968, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Frank F. Groseclose
1966, Professor and Director of Industrial Engineering
Ralph L. Hill
1965, Professor of Textile Engineering
A. D. Holland
1964, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Richard A. Trotter
1963, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
William J. Proctor
1962, Professor of Industrial Management
J. R. Anthony
1961, Controller
Edward T. Prosser
1960, Associate Professor of Physics
W. L. Carmichael
1959, Registrar
Homer S. Weber
1958, Professor and Director of Mechanical Engineering
Fred B. Wenn
1957, Professor of Industrial Management
James H. Lucas
1956, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Phil B. Narmore
1955, Professor of Engineering Drawing & Mechanics and Executive Dean
Earl E. Bortell
1954, Professor of Physics
David E. Philpott
1953, Laboratory Supervisor, Textile Engineering
Roger S. Howell
1952, Director of Engineering Extension Division
Joseph A. Campoamor
1951, Professor of Modern Languages
David M. Smith
1950, Professor and Director of Mathematics
James H. Gailey
1948, Professor of Architecture
Estelle Allen
1947, Associate Regent
W. G. Perry
1942, Professor and Director of English and Dean of General Studies