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The ANAK Society is proud to announce a funding source for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at Georgia Tech. The ANAK Society is dedicated to filling gaps in current on-campus funding structures. The application and full details are available to RSOs through the budget process on Engage. This fund is evaluated and awarded on a rolling basis and is subject to close at any time.

The Operational Support Fund is intended to be used to carry out operational tasks, such as meetings, table reservations, custodial fees, merchandise, etc. for new and/or small GT Registered Student Organizations. RSOs may request up to $500 at a time through this fund. This fund is encouraged to be used when an organization has demonstrated attempts to try other funding sources, but they have not worked out for whatever reason. Applications will be evaluated based on demonstrated need.

How to Apply

The applications this fund can be found on Engage, Georgia Tech's centralized platform for Registered Student Organizations. For this reason, only official RSOs can apply. Organizations interested in applying can find the application on Engage by navigating to your organization's home, Organization Tools, and selecting the finance tool. From there click the blue "CREATE REQUEST" button and "Create Budget Request." From there the ANAK Fund will be listed (while it is active and open) alongside other on campus funding options.

After opening the application, you'll have the opportunity to name your funding request, provide a short description (that won't be concidered as part of your application), and list the total amount for your request. The next page will have the questions associated with the funding application. These are the questions that will be evaluated by the review board to decide funding allocations, and should be where you focus your effort.

The Operational Support Fund is rolling and responses will be delivered within 7 days of application submission via an email from

Financial Details

Our funds are managed through the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO). Should your organization's funding request be approved, you will work with your organization's SOFO represenative to process payments and reimbursements similar to the funding process for other on-campus funds. Funds can be used to make vendor payments or reimburse individuals. This fund is from a Foundation Account and is subject to those funding regulations.